03 Feb 17

Top 10 Scandalous Cheesy Snack Pairings To Enjoy This SuperBowl

At Westminster, as you will know we are massive lovers of everything cheese! That is why this year, to celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day, we wanted to run a competition that is truly unique. We ran our ‘Scandalous Cheesy Snack Pairings’ competition inviting our followers to submit their most secret & unique pairings.

Our fans entered in their droves with their scandalous, weird and frankly odd suggestions. But hey! Who are we to judge, cheese goes with anything!

With this year’s Super Bowl fast approaching, we have a challenge for you. If you dare accept. We have pulled together a list of our top 10 ‘Scandalous Cheesy Snack Pairings’ for you to try on the big game night. So your half-time entertainment will not just be Lady GaGa on the television but a gaga cheesy tickle on your taste buds too!

Send us a picture and let us know which cheese pairing you are trying.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 ‘Scandalous Cheesy Snack Pairings’ we loved…


  1. Don’t worry Brenda we don’t judge anyone. Now, who fancies giving her pairing of extra Sharp Cheddar with bacon and warm chocolate chip cookies a go? Brenda Owens

  2. Labelled the ‘best bite ever’ by its inventor. How do you rate Susie’s Cheddar Cheese with salted Popcorn pairing? Susie Whitaker

  3. This doesn’t sound too bad surely? Jodie likes gefilte fish with a slice of cheddar on garlic crostini melted in the oven.  Jodi Taffel

  4. Is this the new taste of Jamaica? Carolyn suggests you try Jamaican hot chocolate with a chunk of cheddar cheese. Carolyn Legister

  5. No longer the fondue now the morsel! Kay loves honey and thinks our lovingly handcrafted English Cheddar best goes with a caramel dip. Kay Vickers

  6. We think you’ll either love or hate this pairing! Debbie likes Marmite with her cheddar. Now the great debate commences… do you love it or hate it? Debbie Duncan

  7. Karen likes lemon curd spread over a lump of old Engish Cheddar or cream cheese. Is this as ridiculous as it sounds?  Is this #nomnomyes or #nonnomnot?Karen Glover

  8. A process worth following? Annie will crumble up tortilla chips in a bowl, add crab, dice some onions, add tomato sauce, black beans, and top it with shredded cheddar cheese and heat in the microwave. Annie Lynn

  9. Rosary’s recipe has heritage! Eaten since a child she has always eaten peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich with chunks of cheddar cheese. Rosary Cortez

  10. Deborah craved sour pickles with cheddar and salami when she was pregnant and the love has continued ever since. Has this recipe got potential to become your go-to snack as well?

Deborah Farris

Let us know your favorite

Which is your favorite or have we missed your scandalous cheese pairing? We would love you to get in contact. Let us know on Facebook or tweet us on @WestminsterChed. Please send us a picture of your scandalous snack pairing you are enjoying. It doesn’t have to be a recipe from this list

Please send us a picture of your scandalous snack pairing you are enjoying and we shall share our favorite’s. It doesn’t have to be a recipe directly from this list but any of your scandalous pairing your taste buds are craving.

Enjoy the big game night, which team and scandalous cheese pairing are you rooting for?

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