A quintessentially traditional English Ploughman’s recipe

The words English Ploughman’s lunch conjures up visions of relaxing, lazy lunches sat outside a traditional old English pub enjoying a beer or ale!

But do you know where the term originated from?

Throughout the centuries busy English ploughman would take their lunch out into the fields with them; consisting of bread, cheese, pickle and, of course, an ale or cider – it was the perfect combination for a hungry worker!

Now you can create your very own traditional English Ploughman’s with this super-fast recipe – a great choice for cooling down on a warm day or for a quick lunch on the go.

Tip tip! If you’re super-hungry and fancy adding something heavier to the light and tasty dish, why not cook some traditional chips and drizzle them with a touch of vinegar. Perfection!

Traditional English Ploughman’s

Prep Time: 10 mins.  Skill Level: Easy.  Serves: 2

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 to 2oz of creamy butter
  • 4 large classic pickled onions
  • 1 red apple
  • 2 large, fresh tomatoes
  • 4 strong spring onions
  • 4 thick slices or super-fresh white crusty bread
  • 8oz of Westminster Vintage Cheddar Cheese
  • 4 generous tablespoons of tongue tickling chutney, such as Branston Pickle

Let's get cooking:

  1. Arrange the slices of fresh crusty white bread on a large plate or platter and place the butter in a small round dish on the side of the plate.
  2. Cut 8oz of our very own authentic English Westminster Vintage Cheddar Cheese (our mouths are watering at the thought!) and arrange on the same platter/plate.
  3. Carefully arrange the large pickled onions and a generous amount of chutney on the side of the platter/plate, along with super-tasty tomatoes left whole, slices of crunchy red apple and strong spring onions.
  4. Sit down, relax and enjoy the traditional Ploughman’s with a good real ale or cider - just like English history intended.

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