Beer-loving Cheese Board - the perfect sharing platter for a social bottle or three!

The perfect cheese board for all lovers of the good stuff – cheese and beer! Just like with wine, different beers can be partnered up with a variety of cheeses to create the ultimate taste sensation. We think it’s time for an evening of experimentation, don’t you?!

Beer-loving Cheese Board


Prep Time: 10 mins. Cooking Time: 0 mins.  Skill Level: Easy.

Ingredients needed:

  • 4oz goat cheese (sliced)
  • 5oz Westminster Sharp Cheddar (sliced)
  • 4oz Epoisses (sliced wedge)
  • 4oz blue cheese (sliced wedge)
  • Handful of a selection of nuts
  • 2 figs (halved)
  • Selection of your favorite chutneys

Let's get cooking:

  1. The best thing about cheese and sharing platters is that they require no cooking! Just the careful selection and presentation of the finest cheeses and chutneys.
  2. Don't choose a cheese and beer pairing in which the intensity of one item overwhelms the other - it's all about experiencing a taste sensation from the both of them!
  3. For some pairings it's about contrasting, whilst for others it's about complimenting. You will experience some cheeses at their best when the beer your drinking is in contrast, whilst for others, beers with similar flavors may bring out the cheese's best qualities.
  4. Fresh and light cheeses, such as goats cheese suit the citrusy flavors of Belgian and German wheat beers - this pairing is all about keeping it fresh, the high carbonation of the beer acting as a natural palate cleanser! The best way to slice goat cheese is with dental floss for that beautifully straight cut!
  5. Nutty, aged cheese such as cheddar, often pairs wells with bitters, although has been considered the ultimate type of cheese for any beer pairing. Earthy undertones and often strong flavors bond well together in creating a taste sensation for lovers of sharp beer, and even sharper cheese!
  6. If you're really wanting a strong taste sensation, try a funky, washed-rind creamy cheese such as Epoisses. To partner this one up your beer is going to need to be equally as bold, such as a Double or Imperial IPA, or if you're not big on these, try a farmhouse ale which will bring out the earthiness of these types of cheese!
  7. Vieny blue cheese always looks great on a sharing platter, with its rustic style and of course creamy taste. Pairing an American-style IPA with blue cheese works well in providing a sharp, bitter blade through the richness and creaminess of blue cheese. Naturally any fruitiness in the beer will hunt down similar flavors in the cheese, resulting in a taste triumph!
  8. Don't forget an array of figs, nuts, honeys and chutneys to complete both the look of your rustic-style cheeseboard, and as a textural and fruity flavor addition to your beer and cheese pairings!

    Check out our Q&A with Lakefront Brewery to read more about perfect cheese and beer pairings!

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