Our Cheeses

Our cheese is lovingly handcrafted and picked by the Barber Family – the oldest cheddar making family in England who have spent over six generations embracing multiple flavors, textures and aromas, along with the Heler Family, whose dairy farm is located on the natural pasture rich Cheshire Plain in the English countryside, to ensure you receive England’s finest cheddar cheese.

Our range covers every cheese enthusiast’s taste preference including:

Smoked cheddar
Farmer’s reserve cheddar
Sharp cheddar
Vintage cheddar
Rustic Red Cheddar

Our Cheeses
Non-GMO Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Non-GMO Sharp Cheddar

Vintage Cheddar

Smoked Cheddar

Farmer’s Reserve Cheddar

Rustic Red Cheddar Cheese - Westminster

Rustic Red Cheddar