The Farms – Somerset

The Barber family’s farm in rural Somerset, England comprises of nearly 3,000 acres of rich and lush pasture in order to cater for an impressive 2,000 well-loved Holstein Friesian cows – who in turn produce a large amount of creamy milk required for crafting cheddar and giving it that smooth taste.

As well as managing their own herd, the Barber family also source quality milk from a wealth of local farms in order to create our delicious Westminster Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar.

The Farms – Somerset

The Farms - Cheshire

In the heart of the beautiful Cheshire countryside lies Laurels Farm, the Heler family dairy.

A 300-strong herd of award-winning cows, known collectively as the Helton herd, are based at the family’s Parkes Farm in Audlem, located just a few miles away from the dairy, and are pampered to ensure the highest quality of milk.

The Heler family’s herd each have their own names, are given mattresses to sleep on, have their hooves manicured and even have music to listen to!

And in order to create our mouth-watering Westminster Vintage, non-GMO Sharp, and Smoked Cheddar, the Heler family not only use milk from their own farm but source quality milk from over a hundred specially selected farms – much of which are located on the natural pasture rich Cheshire Plain.

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