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46 mouth-watering types of cheese to inspire you from around the world

Here at Westminster we love nothing better than sharing our passion for cheese!Cheese

With inspiring tastes from Portuguese mountains and Spanish islands, to small Dutch cities and those created here in the US, we’ve got the ultimate list of all types of cheese from all kinds of places!


1. Abertam – Czech Republic

Despite its hard texture, this traditional sheep’s milk cheese is usually used for melting. An artisanal cheese with strong flavors, Abertam has great character and suits pairings with dark lager and sweet wines!


2. Adelost – Sweden

This semi-soft, blue-veined cheese not only looks great, but tastes fabulous too! Sharp and salty with a tangy flavor and creamy texture, Adelost has it all!


3. Asiago – Italy 

Made in the region of Vicenza and Trento in Italy, Asiago is a traditional, farmhouse hard cheese. Exceptionally creamy, slow maturation creates a sharp, fruity taste, becoming more intensely flavored as an aged cheese. It’s true what they say – the best things do get better with age!


4. Balaton – Hungary 

Used as a table cheese but also for grilling, this traditional, hard cheese gets its name from the glistening Lake Balaton. Mild, with a compact texture, you can’t go too wrong with this one!


5. Belle Crème – Canada

A triple cream, Brie-style cheese, Belle Crème is smoothly textured and nut-flavored with a buttery feel upon eating.


6. Bootlegger – Canada and Italy
Made from a blend of sheep and cow’s milk, this hard, aged cheese is full-flavored, with a strong, fruity flavor ideal for pairings with spirits such as whiskey; sounds good!


7. Braudostur – Iceland

Compared largely to Edam cheese, Braudostur is semi-hard, becoming sweeter and stronger in taste upon ageing.


8. Camembert – France

Known best in its gorgeous baked variety, Camembert is aromatically delicious, with hints of creamy mushroom and earthy, nutty flavors.


9. Cheddar – England

Known best for its creamy and sharp flavor, cheddar cheese is an artisan, aged cheese which at Westminster Cheddar we lovingly craft at our farm in Somerset, England. Our premium old-age cheddar comes as vintage, or in our distinctive oak-smoked variety, as well as in other gorgeous varieties all created in the beautiful, natural environments our part of England boasts with such pride! There’s no cheese quite like old English cheddar. Find out where you can buy it in the USA Where to buy Westminster Cheddar.


10. Colby – Wisconsin, USAcheese

A friend of Cheddar cheese, Colby is similarly mild and golden, but a lot more creamy, undergoing a washed curd process to reduce the tang. This is definitely one to try for a twist on traditional Cheddar cheese!


11. Edam – Netherlands

Made to be melted in pasta, Edam is mild but nutty. Its red wax rind looks super-stylish as a table cheese too!


12. Emmental – Switzerland 

At its best in a sandwich, Emmental provides the perfect texture accompaniment alongside fillings such as ham and mustard. Alternatively, this one’s perfect as a fondue cheese. So many options!


13. Époisses – France

With an extremely pungent aroma, the strong flavor of this cheese is definitely for the hard-core cheese fans!


14. Feta – Greece

Famous for its use of goat’s milk, Feta is a salty, tangy cheese that can be either soft and creamy or crumbly dry, dependent on age. You know the drill… serve in salad with olive oil, nuts and roasted peppers and crack open the Sauvignon Blanc!


15. Fontina – Italy

Semi-soft and coming only from the Valle d’Aosta, Fontina is an aged cheese with a pungent aroma. A great table cheese, it goes well with a light wine and is smooth and mild when melted. You get the fondue, we’ll grab the wine!


16. Gouda (smoked cheese) – Netherlands

Named after the Dutch city of Gouda, this artisan smoked cheese boasts a creamy interior with a buttery, crumbly texture, perfectly complimenting dark chocolate and beer so it’s been said! Suits us!


17. Gruyère – Switzerland

Named after the Swiss town in which it was first made, Gruyère is rich and creamy with a slightly nutty aroma, making for a tasty melting cheese; being one of two main cheeses traditionally found in the fondue recipe.


18. Ibores – Spain

This rustic cheese maintains an olivey flavor and is made with whole, raw milk from goats. The great news is that Ibores goes with a wide variety of wines!


19. Kashkaval – Eastern Europe 

Translated as ‘yellow cheese’, the eastern European Kashkaval in its semi-hard variety is allowed to age for six months in order to develop a spicy, salty taste. Famously referreCheesed to as the ‘cheddar cheese of the Balkans’, this is definitely one to try for all fans of our old English Cheddar cheese.


20. Lake’s Edge – Vermont, USA

Classic American-style goats cheese, Lake’s Edge is soft, fluffy, and maintains that cheesy creaminess we all love!


21. Leonora – Spain

Produced from ash-covered goat’s milk in Leon, Spain, this is aged cheese matured to perfection. Destined for dessert with its cheesecake-like texture with fresh, vibrant flavor.


22. Mahon – Spain

Produced on the Island of Menorca, Spain, Mahon is known for its slightly sharp and salty taste, perfect for grating over pasta and rice dishes for that extra pizzazz.


23. Manchego – Spain

Made in the La Mancha region of Spain, Manchego maintains a tangy, fruity flavor, whilst the aged cheese version (matured for around six months) acquires a more nutty tone. The traditional herringbone basket weave pattern on its edges make for an impressive addition to any dinner party cheeseboard!


24. Maroilles – France

With a full and creamy flavor transforming into a nutty aroma as you chew, Maroilles is a pure treat for the taste buds. Unlike most cheeses which suit wine accompaniments, this one suits the beer-drinkers among us!


25. Menonita – Mexico

Named after the Mennonite communities of Northern Mexico, Menonita uses the same compression procedure used to make cheddar cheese, with a similar sharpness. Excellent on pizzas and in lasagna or casserole dishes.


26. Nevat de Oveja – Spain

Simultaneously chalky and creamy, Nevat de Oveja from Spain has a mellow flavor, lingering on your tongue in an everlasting after-taste.


27. Oscypeck – Poland

Produced using salted sheep’s milk, this Polish smoked cheese is one to try simply for its decorative back-story. Made first into cottage cheese, Oscypeck is pressed into wooden spindles of varying patterns – we think this would make an impressive addition to your dinner party!


28. Pacific Rock – Canada

A hard, aged cheese, Pacific Rock has an earthy, fruity aroma with hints of sweet caramel. This is definitely one to try for a rich taste experience!


29. Paneer – South Asia

As a South Asian curd cheese, this one is a great consistency for deep-frying. Why not try baking it in your next meal as an alternative to meat?


30. Parmesan – Italy

Considered a ‘top cheese’ by cheese connoisseurs, true Parmesan is hard, gritty, and nutty in taste. Although primarily known finely grated over pasta dishes, Parmesan is also gorgeous eaten on its own!


31. Passendale – Belgium

Resembling a loaf of bread with its brown crust, this semi-soft cheese forms a round shape, encompassing a sweet aroma and creamy texture. Sounds good to us!



32. Primo Sale – Italy

Primarily produced on the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily, Primo Sale gets is name from its direct translation, “first salt”, describing early stages of maturation. With its gorgeous milky flavor, seasoned with peppercorns Primo makes for the perfect table cheese.


33. Provoleta – Argentina

An Argentinean variant of Provolone, this semi-hard cheese is aromatically fresh, with a mild, smoky taste and springy texture.


34. Provolone – Italy

Commonly used on pizzas and in desserts, this southern Italian semi-hard cheese is extremely versatile. With a firm texture and mild flavor, Porvolone can also come as a lightly smoked cheese.


35. Ridder – Norway 

Buttery sweet with a slightly nutty flavor, Ridder is a semi-hard cheese that comes in flat wheels. Best when paired with a light, fruity wine, there’s no excuse for not trying out this one!


36. Roquefort – France 

Aged for five months, the artisan, blue-veined Roquefort combines rich and creamy with salty tang to produce a sharp, flavorsome taste experience, perfect for use in salads and dressings. Referred to in France as the ‘cheese of kings and popes’, you can be sure to serve up a royal treat with this one!


37. Saint-Marcellin – France

Providing the perfect summer lunch on crusty bread, the French Saint-Marcellin is fluffy when young, but runny and earthy once matured as an aged cheese.


38. Samso – Denmark

Made into discs or blocks, this semi-hard cheese is covered with a gorgeously bright yellow wax. With the perfect combination of sour and sweet, Samso is young and gentle.


39. San Joaquin Gold – California, USA

A salty and rich cheese, San Joaquin Gold has all the flavors of Parmesan, with the bonuses of well-aged cheddar cheese. What’s not to love?


Cheese40. Scamorza – Italy

Great as a substitute to mozzarella, Scamorza adds a stronger, more dominant taste to cheese dishes. With that elastic, stringy texture, it’s everything pizza cheese should be!


41. Sirene – South-East Europe

Originating from countries such as Albania, Croatia and Israel, Sirene is a Feta-style, brined cheese known for its fresh, tangy lemon taste.


42. Sulguni – Georgia

With similarities in texture to mozzarella and bocconcini, the springy Sulguni preserves a salty, rustic flavor, its melting consistency making it perfect as almost anything – whether that be as a table cheese, salad ingredient, antipasto or dressings!


43. Taleggio – Italy

Served best when spread on fresh crusty bread, in true Italian style, the mild and meaty Taleggio has all the buttery flavors required for that satisfying, melt-in-the-mouth taste experience.


44. Tilsit – Switzerland

A strong smelling cheese, Tilsit is one for the cheese boffs among us! The moist and creamy texture makes it perfect for use in salads and sauces, although its sharp flavor means it’s great as a table cheese too!


45. Wensleydale – England

Made in the northern English county of Yorkshire, this cheese is perfect for those cheese-and-cracker evenings. Chalky and crumbly, pair this one with cranberry sauce next Thanksgiving!

46. Zibro – Portugal

Produced from sheep’s milk in the Serra de Estrela Mountains, this north-Portuguese artisanal cheese maintains a pudding-like interior, with a soft creamy texture and sweet aromatic flavor. Sounds like Mediterranean heaven!

Well we hope you loved this list and feel inspired? So many options, so little time! Click here to see all of the cheeses that Westminster produce!

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