Vintage Cheddar

Westminster Vintage Cheddar

Aged over 15 months, this strong and powerful cheese will satisfy even the most demanding cheddar fan. Salt crystals form naturally, giving a distinctive texture that is balanced with a hint of creaminess. A savory Cheddar, Westminster Vintage will give you the perfect balance of strong flavors but not too over powering. Try pairing Westminster Vintage with a spiced apple chutney, they go beautifully together.

With a strong cheese you will want a confident wine and beer to hold up. If you are a Port drinker try a 10 year Tawny Port, or if you are a wine drinker  pair with a Grenache from California or Spanish Tempranillo.

 Nutritional Facts
Calories 117 From Fat 87
Total Fat  10g 
Saturated Fat  6g 
Trans Fat  0g 
Cholesterol  28mg 
Sodium  188mg 
Total Carbohydrates  0.1g 
Dietary Fibre  0g 
Sugars  0g 
Protein  7g 


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