180019th century Somerset dairyman, Joseph Harding - known as ‘the father of cheddar cheese’, was pivotal in developing the cheddar we know and love today. Harding not only introduced new equipment to the process of cheese-making, in particular, the ‘revolving beaker’ designed for curd cutting which saved much manual effort, but the ‘Joseph Harding method’ was the first modern system for producing cheddar which was based upon scientific principles.
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1837Queen Victoria was the very first sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham Palace, just three weeks after her accession. However, her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 soon showed the Palace’s shortcomings due to a lack of nurseries for any future children and limited bedrooms for visitors.
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1864French scientist Louis Pasteur discovered that heating beer and wine was enough to kill off bacteria that caused spoilage, and prevented the beverages from turning sour - now known as pasteurization. Today, pasteurization is used widely in the dairy and food industries for microbial control and preservation of food.
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1939Due to war rationing, throughout the Second World War, and for nearly a decade after, the majority of milk in Britain was used to make one single cheese - ’Government Cheddar’, which came close to wiping out all other cheese production in the country. Before the First World War, more than 3,500 cheese producers were in Britain, fewer than 100 remained after the Second World War.
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1953On June 2nd 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place, making her monarch of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon.
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1957In 1957, thanks to the cheese making expertise being passed down through the generations, Joseph Heler developed a passion that was to never leave him and founded his own company - Joseph Heler Cheese - creators of our super-tasty Vintage, Sharp and Smoked Cheddar.
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2010The Westminster brand was launched in the USA. Crafted by hand and graded three times prior to selection, the delicious cheddar is lovingly created with milk that comes from cows that are free to roam and graze on rich, lush pasture in Somerset and Cheshire.
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