Mild, Vintage, Sharp and Farmhouse. A Classic English Cheddar from Westminster to suit every palate.
The London Truckle - Perfect with a glass of Ruby Port or Cabernet Sauvignon.
Westminster Farmer's Reserve Cheddar. Aged for 2 years, creating something rather special!
Westminster Smoked Cheddar. Aged over 12 months and lightly Oak smoked.

Finest English Cheddar

Westminster Cheddar is made on the farm, a few miles from the village that gave Cheddar its name. It has been made by the same family for 6 generations, the longest continuous cheddar producers in the world.

All our milk comes from cows that are free to roam and graze on rich lush pasture, and we never use growth hormones, RBGH or RBST. 

Crafted by hand and graded three times prior to selection, each piece tastes as good as the last.

We have created a range of different Cheddars to suit every occasion, and you can read more about them here.

The Westminster brand is inspired by the iconic sights of England's capital city, London. With Westminster Cheddar, we aim to offer you the very best of British.

Westminster is brought to you by Somerdale International Ltd. Based in the Somerset town of Wellington, Somerdale is one of Britain's leading exporters of British cheese and dairy products, representing cheese-makers throughout the UK.

Announcing Westminster Royal Addition Cheddar!

Jun 26 at 5:02pm - News
Westminster Royal Addition is a handmade English cheddar, specially produced to celebrate the impending birth of the new Royal baby.


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